Alternate DVB-s driver

This is a modified version of Convergence’s DVB-s driver that works with Technotrend’s original firmware.

The current version of my patch is dated Feb 28th 2002; the version of the Covergence driver that I used as a starting point is that dated Jan 9th 2002.

I’ve made some small modifications to the linux driver; basically I’ve just removed some stuff that the original firmware did not support and changed some of the constants in the header files. I have no way of modifying the firmware as I do not have access to the source code for it.

The modified firmware that comes with the Linux driver has some extra features added, but I suppose that the CA support in it is not so good, perhaps because it was not so high on the developer’s priorities.

Installation instructions

  1. Get the latest driver source from
  2. Download my patch from (or the complete driver code as
  3. Download and install the original firmware from Technotrend:
    1. Download Windows driver pack from This file is a self-extracting ZIP archive!
    2. Unpack the Windows driver archive and copy the files Boot_up.axf, Dpram and Root from …/Update/Boot/Tv/24 to the directory /lib/DVB-123b on your Linux box
  4. Unpack the latest Linux driver, go into driver/ subdirectory and apply the patch (or unpack my driver.tgz)
  5. Compile and load the driver. You should now see n-tv on your TV screen …
  6. If you want to use (n)tuxzap, you have to apply the patch in tuxzap.patch to the libdvb/ subdirectory
    (i.e. cd ../libdvb ; patch -p0 < ../driver/tuxzap.patch) and then re-build the tuxzap program
  7. There is a similar patch vdr.patch for the vdr program. See the README included with my files for the limitations of support for vdr.

Remember, this is still “work in progress”. If you have got any suggestions, fixes or enhancements to my code, please feel free to contact me.