General information

Please have a look at the FAQ before asking questions. If you have any corrections or additions to the FAQ, please email me! Thanks to Stefan Hagendorn for his first version of the Linux DVB & VDR FAQ which I used as a starting point. His old FAQ is available on his web page. FAQ

Common Interface Modules compatibility chart

HOWTO set up Dolby Digital AC3 sound

I understand no frickin’ English! Give me a German Anleitung! Thanks to Robert Schuster for his little introduction to VDR on S.u.S.E. Linux 7.2 🙂

IR receiver for J2 connector on Rev. 1.3 DVB-s

Got problems receiving channels on the High Band? Adding this circuit to your DVB-s can probably help solving it.

Hardware documentation

Christian Daniel has put together various datasheets for the different components of the DVB-s card. Apart from the documentation available here, you will also find some documentation on the DVB MPEG streams on his page. buenavista contributed the datasheets for the Rev. 1.3 and 1.6 tuners. On his page, you will also find some pictures of the DVB cards with the tuner shielding removed.

  • Card layout – how the various components fit together
  • TLC320AD80C – audio D/A converter
  • SAA7146A – connects tuner, demultiplexer and MPEG decoder
  • CY7C0241V – dualported RAM
  • TMS320AV7110 – Texas Instruments AV7110 DVB chip. This unit is used to demultiplex the MPEG stream, creation of the PAL image and it contains the ARM controller and the CA decoder
  • BSRV2-301A – satellite tuner on Rev. 1.3 boards
  • BSRU6-701A – satellite tuner on Rev. 2.1 boards

Thanks to Christian Daniel and buenavista for making this information available!