What Is the Alternative for Spotify in Ubuntu?

In the world of music streaming, Spotify has undoubtedly become a household name. However, for Ubuntu users, the journey to find the perfect alternative begins. Fear not, for in this article, we will explore a plethora of options that cater to your music cravings while using Ubuntu. From native players to third-party applications, we’ve got you covered.

Exploring Ubuntu’s Music Options

Before we dive into the alternatives, let’s understand why you might seek one. Ubuntu, a Linux-based operating system, boasts a robust and secure environment. However, Spotify’s official client is not readily available for Ubuntu. That’s where these alternatives come into play.

Rhythmbox: A Native Ubuntu Player

Rhythmbox, the default music player for Ubuntu, offers seamless integration and a user-friendly interface. Its music management capabilities make it a solid choice for those who prefer simplicity.

Clementine: A Versatile Music Player

Clementine is known for its versatility. It can play local music files, stream from online sources, and even act as a remote control for other media players.

Lollypop: A Modern and Stylish Choice

Lollypop brings style to your music experience. With a sleek interface and features like album artwork fetching, it’s a modern take on music players.

Streaming Services for Ubuntu

If you’re looking for a Spotify alternative that offers similar music streaming capabilities, these options are worth exploring.

VLC Media Player

Known for its versatility, VLC is not just for videos. It can handle your music library effectively. Installing it on Ubuntu is a breeze, and it supports a wide range of formats.


Audacious, as the name suggests, is bold in its simplicity. It’s lightweight, customizable, and perfect for users who want a no-frills music player.

Quod Libet

Simplicity meets functionality with Quod Libet. It’s highly extensible, making it a favorite among those who like to tinker with their music players.


For KDE users, Amarok is a familiar and powerful music manager. It offers an array of features and integration options.

Strawberry Music Player

Audiophiles rejoice with Strawberry. This cross-platform player focuses on high-quality audio playback and extensive library management.


Efficiency in the terminal? That’s what cmus brings to the table. It’s a command-line music player for those who prefer the keyboard over the mouse.


Tomahawk takes music discovery to the next level. It connects to multiple sources and lets you explore a vast world of tracks.


Cantata serves as a front-end for MPD (Music Player Daemon). It’s perfect for those who want granular control over their music library.


Exaile is all about user-friendly music management. It’s feature-rich and focuses on enhancing your music listening experience.

Streaming Services for Linux

If you’re open to exploring music streaming beyond Spotify-like services, these platforms offer unique experiences.


Deezer is a web-based streaming service with a vast library. You can access it directly from your browser, making it a convenient choice.


Pandora offers personalized internet radio, allowing you to discover new tracks based on your preferences.


Tidal is known for its high-quality music streaming, including lossless audio. It’s a go-to platform for audiophiles.


SoundCloud is the go-to platform for discovering independent artists. It’s a treasure trove of new and emerging music.

YouTube Music

If you enjoy music videos along with your tracks, YouTube Music provides the best of both worlds.


Can I use Spotify on Ubuntu?

Unfortunately, the official Spotify client is not available for Ubuntu. However, you have numerous alternatives to choose from.

Are these alternatives free?

Most of the alternatives listed here offer free versions with optional premium upgrades for added features.

Which alternative is best for offline listening?

Applications like Clementine and Strawberry Music Player allow you to download music for offline listening.

Do these alternatives support playlists?

Yes, all the alternatives mentioned here support playlist creation and management.

Can I use my Spotify account on these alternatives?

No, these alternatives do not integrate with Spotify directly. You’ll need to import your existing music library.

Are these alternatives user-friendly for beginners?

Yes, many of them have user-friendly interfaces and are suitable for beginners.

What is the alternative for Spotify in Ubuntu?

An alternative for Spotify in Ubuntu is “Clementine.”

What is the unofficial Spotify client for Linux?

The unofficial Spotify client for Linux is “Spotifyd.”


In the quest to find the ideal alternative for Spotify in Ubuntu, you’re spoilt for choice. Whether you prefer native players like Rhythmbox and Clementine or want to explore broader music streaming options, Ubuntu has you covered. Choose the one that suits your taste and enjoy your music seamlessly on this fantastic open-source operating system.

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