How to Mount NFS in Linux Ubuntu?


Mounting NFS (Network File System) in Linux Ubuntu is a crucial skill for anyone working with networked storage. Whether you’re a system administrator or a Linux enthusiast, understanding how to mount NFS shares can greatly enhance your ability to manage and access files across a network. In this detailed guide, we will walk you through the process, step by step, ensuring that you have a solid grasp of this essential task.

Getting Started with NFS

NFS is a protocol that allows you to share files and directories between Unix-like operating systems. Here’s how to get started with mounting NFS in Linux Ubuntu:

1. Install NFS Utilities

Before you can start using NFS, you need to ensure that the necessary utilities are installed on your Ubuntu system. Open your terminal and run the following command:

sudo apt-get install nfs-common

2. Locate NFS Server

You’ll need to know the IP address or hostname of the NFS server you want to connect to. Make sure the server is up and running and accessible from your Ubuntu machine.

3. Create a Mount Point

Next, create a directory on your local system where the NFS share will be mounted. For example:

sudo mkdir /mnt/my_nfs_share

Mounting the NFS Share

Now that you have the prerequisites in place, it’s time to actually mount the NFS share:

4. Mount the NFS Share

Use the mount command to mount the NFS share. Replace nfs_server_ip with the actual IP address of the NFS server and remote_directory with the path to the shared directory on the server:

sudo mount -t nfs nfs_server_ip:/remote_directory /mnt/my_nfs_share

5. Verify the Mount

To ensure that the share has been successfully mounted, run the mount command without any arguments. You should see your NFS share listed among the mounted filesystems.

Managing NFS Mounts

Once you’ve mounted an NFS share, you can perform various operations on it:

6. Accessing the NFS Share

Now that your NFS share is mounted, you can access its contents just like any other directory on your system. Use commands like ls, cd, and cp to work with the files and directories within the share.

7. Auto-Mount NFS Shares at Boot

To have your NFS share automatically mounted every time your system boots, add an entry to the /etc/fstab file. This ensures that the share is mounted at startup.

8. Unmounting NFS Shares

When you’re done using an NFS share, you can unmount it using the umount command:

sudo umount /mnt/my_nfs_share


How can I check if NFS is installed on my Ubuntu system?

You can check if NFS is installed by running the command dpkg -l | grep nfs-common. If it returns a package list, NFS is installed.

Can I mount multiple NFS shares on my Ubuntu machine?

Yes, you can mount multiple NFS shares on your Ubuntu machine by creating separate mount points and using the mount command for each share.

Is NFS secure for remote file sharing?

NFS does not provide built-in encryption or strong security measures. To secure NFS, you should consider using it over a VPN or SSH tunnel.

Can I access NFS shares from Windows machines?

Yes, you can access NFS shares from Windows using third-party NFS client software, such as WinSCP or Cygwin.

What should I do if I encounter permission issues while accessing NFS shares?

Ensure that the permissions on the NFS server are set correctly. You may also need to check the NFS export options and make sure your Ubuntu user has the necessary permissions.

Is there a graphical interface for managing NFS shares in Ubuntu?

Yes, you can use the “Disks” utility in Ubuntu’s graphical interface to manage NFS shares and other mounted filesystems.

How to mount NFS in Linux Ubuntu?

To mount NFS in Linux Ubuntu, use the “mount” command followed by the NFS server’s IP address or hostname and the path to the NFS share.

How to mount NFS drive in Linux?

To mount an NFS drive in Linux, use the “mount” command with the NFS server’s address and share path.

Does NFS work with Linux?

Yes, NFS (Network File System) is a protocol that works seamlessly with Linux for sharing and accessing files over a network.


Mounting NFS shares in Linux Ubuntu is a valuable skill for anyone working with networked storage. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily connect to remote NFS servers, access shared files, and efficiently manage your networked resources. Remember to prioritize security and permissions to ensure a smooth NFS experience on your Ubuntu system.

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