What Can I Use Instead of Visual Studio in Linux?


If you’re a developer using Linux, you might be wondering, “What can I use instead of Visual Studio in Linux?” While Visual Studio is a fantastic integrated development environment (IDE), it’s primarily designed for Windows. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives that cater to the Linux environment. In this article, we’ll explore a variety of options that not only replace Visual Studio but also enhance your Linux development experience.

The Quest for Linux-Friendly IDEs

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code, often abbreviated as VS Code, is a top-notch choice for Linux developers. This free, open-source code editor boasts a wide range of extensions and supports multiple programming languages. Its user-friendly interface and exceptional performance make it a standout choice.


Eclipse is a robust IDE known for its versatility. It supports various programming languages, including Java, C++, and Python, making it a preferred option for many Linux developers. Eclipse’s extensive plugin ecosystem further enhances its capabilities.


Geany is a lightweight, yet powerful, text editor that works seamlessly on Linux. It’s perfect for programmers who prefer a minimalist approach. Geany offers features like syntax highlighting, auto-completion, and built-in support for version control systems.


Code::Blocks is an IDE designed with C and C++ developers in mind. It offers a user-friendly interface and a plethora of features, including an integrated debugger and a customizable workspace. Linux users will find it a valuable alternative to Visual Studio.


Atom is another excellent choice for Linux developers who value customization. It’s highly extensible and boasts a strong community of users who contribute to its wide range of packages and themes. Atom provides a seamless experience for coding in various languages.


NetBeans is a popular choice among Java developers on Linux. This versatile IDE supports multiple languages, including Java, PHP, and HTML5. It offers smart code editing features and powerful debugging capabilities.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a sleek, minimalist code editor known for its speed and responsiveness. It’s a favorite among developers who appreciate its clean interface and advanced text editing features. Sublime Text is a paid option, but it offers a free evaluation period.


KDevelop is an IDE tailored for KDE and Qt development on Linux. It provides a seamless environment for coding in C++, Python, and other languages. With features like code navigation and integrated version control, KDevelop is a solid choice for Linux enthusiasts.


BlueJ is an IDE designed specifically for teaching and learning Java. While it may not have the extensive features of other IDEs, it’s an excellent choice for educational purposes and Java beginners on Linux.

Anjuta DevStudio

Anjuta DevStudio is a versatile IDE for GNOME development on Linux. It supports C, C++, and Vala, making it a valuable tool for developers working on GNOME-based projects.


Can I use Visual Studio Code on Linux?

Yes, Visual Studio Code is fully compatible with Linux, and it’s a popular choice among Linux developers.

Are these alternatives to Visual Studio free to use?

Many of the alternatives mentioned here are open-source and free to use, while some offer paid versions with additional features.

Which IDE is best for C++ development on Linux?

Code::Blocks and KDevelop are excellent choices for C++ development in a Linux environment.

Does Eclipse work well with Linux distributions?

Yes, Eclipse is well-supported on various Linux distributions and is a preferred IDE for many Linux developers.

Are there any alternatives for Java development on Linux?

Yes, both NetBeans and BlueJ are great options for Java development in the Linux environment.

Can I customize the appearance of these IDEs?

Yes, many of these IDEs, like Atom and Sublime Text, offer extensive customization options for appearance and functionality.

What can I use instead of Visual Studio in Linux?

You can use Visual Studio Code, JetBrains Rider, or Eclipse as alternatives to Visual Studio in Linux.

What are the best alternatives for Visual Studio on Linux?

Some of the best alternatives for Visual Studio on Linux include Visual Studio Code, JetBrains Rider, and Eclipse.


In your quest to find the perfect alternative to Visual Studio on Linux, you have a multitude of options. Each of these IDEs offers unique features and caters to different programming languages and preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting, there’s a Linux-friendly IDE that’s perfect for you. So, dive into the world of Linux development with confidence, armed with the knowledge of these fantastic alternatives.

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